The Story

Being chased by a pimp with a shotgun awakens Michael Taylor to the fact that the once glamorous life of larceny and forgery is long gone. When he finds out that his wife, Dana, is pregnant and planning on leaving him, he promises to hang up his racket and get a real job.

After a noble attempt at applications and interviews Michael fails to overcome the stain of his criminal record. Dana persuades him to apply at the police station where her father is the assistant chief. Against every fiber of his being he submits himself to this last resort idea. At the station two ICE agents intercept him and offer him a large cash reward to help them collar a federal felon.

The agents use Michael to interrupt a deal between two different entities involved in a drug deal. When things don’t go according to plan, Michael becomes a target. His wife is kidnapped, and as he attempts to get her back, he gets further entangled in a struggle between cops, criminals and the cartel.